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Mahesh Ranka (28-05-2002)
I was always very skeptical about "Weight loss" programs. Once here, I was first explained the fundamentals of why and how the fat accumulates. Over a month of treatment and yoga I lost 6 Kg and 26cm from the over all body. All this without having to "STARVE" in name of diet control. Today one feel much better physically and mentally. A good, honest efforts by Dr. Dharmishtha.

K P Jain (25-05-2002)
When I joined Yoga, I had severe backache, acidity, tiredness. After joining Yoga. Benefits: a) Yoga has become part of my life b) In place of consuming 30 tablets a month, I hardly take any for acidity. C) Backache disappeared and d) I feel fresh after Yoga. I feel like running/jogging. Thanks to Dr.Dharmishtha.

Smita R Kajbaje (10-5-2002)
My knee pain was intolerable. I was not able to walk properly. The allopathic medicine was going on, and other physician was advising for the surgery. But I was very much scared with the operation. One day my friend suggested me to Maharshi Clinic. I was assured of the relief within 5-6 days. And that really was truth. Within 5 days, I started walking myself and I am also coming here for weight reduction that is working equally good.

Trupti Sunil Sheth (23-4-2002)
I had back pain and gynecological problem and used to take Ayurved medicine for that from Dr.Dharmishtha which were very effective. Earlier I used to take painkillers frequently for the back pain. Now its almost 8 months since I have stopped the pills. Due to satisfactory treatment as above, I also joined the weight reduction program at Maharshi Clinic, and it's working very good with me. I am really very satisfied with treatment.

Kavita Gupta (13-4-2002)
I have lost 105 cms(42 inch) from all over body within 2 months and weight has reduced to 6 Kg. Feeling very light and confident. I have felt a drastic change in my weight. Now I donít feel tired and lethargic. I feel very active. Before joining this course, I would get exhausted very easily but now its not like that. Actually, I was quite depressed when I had gained weight. But after losing weight I feel quite happy. Dr.Dharmishtha T. Barad is very sweet and encouraging, helpful person. In the beginning I felt as if I was not losing weight but gradually I was reducing. She helped me even come out of this acute depression. Moreover, there are no side effects. I am a thyroid patient. My body was swollen but now there is no sweating in any part of the body, whether it is hands, or leg or face. Yoga is the best thing happened in my life. One should really do it. I will thank Dr.Dharmishtha for her efforts, because reducing anyone's weight is really a very difficult job.

Prafulla Kamath (15-3-2002)
When I came here, there was severe pain in my leg, and I had great difficulty in walking. After taking 10 days treatment, I have got very good relief.

Tara H Rao (1-2-2002)
When I first came here with severe pain in my right leg, I would not even stand for five minutes nor could I sit without experiencing great discomfort and pain.
Now I feel greatly relieved after the treatment. I feel my normal self & can undertake any activity. I feel so happy, I took this treatment.

Mrs. R R Gandre (22-1-2002)
When I joined the treatment, I had sever neck pain, and feeling of oblivion. The doctor prescribed me the treatment of 10 days, but within 4 days I was feeling normal. Now my all problems has solved, and I am living peacefully.

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