The Calorific value is a measure of how much energy is given up when a material is burned .It is a useful guide to the energy available from food & the energy value of foods tends to be quoted in calories, where one calorie = 4.186 joule.

A calorie is the amount of heat/ energy necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water, one degree Celsius.

One gram of fat contains 9 calories while one gram of protein; carbohydrate has about 4 calories, that's why people gain more weight through fatty foods. Secondly whatever we eat in terms of extra calories, carbohydrate, protein, sugar is also converted into reserve source of energy called fat into subcutaneous layer of the skin.

Well, calories are easier to assess than nutrients. The bottom line is if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight or if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. But that takes some experimenting and you may not achieve your weight goal unless you know how many calories you are eating before you start. A better approach would be to know how many calories you are eating to maintain your present weight and then adjust your calories up or down based on your weight goal.

At 'Maharshi Slimming and Ayurved Clinic', Dr. Dharmishtha Barad provides you, complete calorie chart for your body, based on your medical investigations. You are sure therefore, that you will not have to sit with calorie calculator, but to simply follow the diet plan given to you.

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