Good health doesn't just mean the absence of any visible / major disease. It also reflects in your state of being mentally & physically fit. Being a little over weight, in itself is not a disease but it can be lead to other problems viz. high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes etc. Therefore it is very necessary for us to maintain an ideal weight, according to the individual's body structure. However, today's hectic schedules do not give you enough time to exercise your body as much as one should. Moreover due to the change in life style / patterns, we eat foods which are rich in calories than the requirement of the body. All these add up to flab on your body, making you look bad & leaving you lazy and tired. The burning up of calories is directly proportional to movement (by the way of contraction and relaxation) of the muscles. The energy for this muscular activity can be either obtained from free glucose in the blood, or from the reserve source of energy viz. the stored fat around the respective muscles. However the body also consumes energy during the resting period, this is known as "REST MATABOLISM". As burning up of calories is directly proportional to the active use of our muscular system, we have adopted a unique way to utilize these fat, stored in our body in the form of triglyserides. These triglycerides (concrete layers) are simply loosened out first, simultaneously the fat is broken down into glycerol and free fatty acids by Ayurved Medicines and utilized by passive exercise treatment given here.

It has recently been discovered that certain areas of the brain's hypothalamus, actually controls a person's appetite and satiety. According to world's foremost nutrition experts, these areas do not function properly without sufficient muscles exercise. At very low levels of activity, appetite doesn't decline sufficiently, and you tend to consume more calories than you can burn. When the body's muscular system is being exercised properly, the hypothalamus regulates your intake of food in a balanced manner, so that your body consumes just the right amount of calories.

Over the years the following four non-surgical methods have been developed for reducing fat accumulated in the body.

  1. Controlled Diet
  2. Strenuous Physical Exercise e.g. Yoga, Aerobics etc.
  3. Medication
  4. Passive Exercise

The treatment of the obesity is extremely important for the people who are suffering from the Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Arthritis, Spondylities, Back pain, Infertility, Hyperthyroidism and especially for the ladies to cure the post pregnancy stretch marks (flab).

Therefore looking at the gravity of this problem "Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic" has come up with precise solution to this social enigma.

Welcome to Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic, your on-line guide to healthy living by integrating the wealth of ayurved and latest, state of art technologies used around the world for achieving optimal fitness. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we'll help you to decide the right weight loss program with full guidance on your diet planning with personalized care during and after the treatment.

Be slim at "Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic" & live a healthy life.

"Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic" has the facility of complete computerized body analysis to know your fat percentage & water level in the body just in one session. Our weight-loss program is highly scientific & effective. We assure you a gradual, steady & permanent weight-loss upto 3-4 Kg & upto 30-40cm a month. Our happy clientele have admired the personalized care they have received from us since the inception.

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