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Dr. Dharmishtha BaradDr. Dharmishtha T. Barad, a scholar Degree (B.A.M.S.) holder from Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar India has founded "Maharshi Slimming Ayurved Clinic" . The only Ayurved University of the world. Dr Dharmishtha is also a diploma certificate holder for 'Danta Vidya Visharad' from Gujarat Ayurved University. She is registered with the council of Ayurveda for legal practice in India. She has won several awards, including Inter Collegiate Yoga competition. Presently she is a leading practitioner in Mumbai.

It's said that behind every successful woman there is always a man. The same is true here, where Mr.Tushar Barad, has given enormous support, and has always been kind enough to give his opinions, whenever any operational and functional matter of the Clinic were concerned. Mr.Tushar has contributed a lot with his talent and vision for the Clinic. He has played key role in establishing the image, and by giving valuable advices during the building of this unique site. We are proud to state here that we are the first group, who gives some of the critical details about how scientific the entire treatment is, rather than just making tall claims. Thus whenever we praise Dr. Dharmishtha Barad, it is half if we don't include his name also. The couple is so different that when you see them & meet them, people automatically feel much better due to their concerned behavior.

Result Oriented Body Sculpture Solution for Inch Loss / Weight loss.

"Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic", by Dr. Dharmishtha aims at providing total health solution to people with the wealth of her experience in this field. Here at Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic, you are guided by the specialist(s) about the ways of reducing the extra fat, and extra weight of your body and achieve "Inch Loss" from the area like belly, thighs, etc. with Ultra Modern Methods. While you are in the process of slimming, you do not have to undergo the physical torture of exercise, harsh diets or the use of drugs.

With this "Electronic Body Shaper", all you have to do is come to "Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic", everyday for an hour, lie down on a comfortable recliner chair, relax and read a book, or listen to music, while our advance Body program treatment reduces your weight.

You will not feel any tiredness or weakness during or after the treatment. Once the sitting is over, you can immediately return to your work without any feeling of exhaustion.

The salient features of the treatment are:

  • Computerized body / fat analysis
  • Pure Herbal / Ayurved Medicines
  • No appetite suppressant pills or magic formulations
  • Flexi-friendly weekly diet plan
  • No crash dieting, No mono diets
  • Exclusive passive exercise by advanced technology make you feel energetic
  • No active exercise, hence no exhaustion, no fatigue, no collapse, no over-tiredness
  • No sprays, No gels
  • Most effective on stomach and thighs
  • Reduce up to 30 to 40 cm
  • No reoccurrence of weight gain.
  • No side effects at all.

Maharshi Slimming & Ayurved Clinic believes in getting to the root cause of any Hair, Body, Skin and Health problems and treats them internally as well as externally, by the traditional "Panch- Karma" Method(s), which is proven to be very useful in chronic diseases enlisted in the Treatment Link.

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