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Smita (2-12-2002)
Thanks a lot Doctor Jee! I had lost about 7 Kgs in about a months time without any kind of side effects, which was much beyond my expectations. Thanx, once again! I also overall reduced by 49cms that is about 10 inches, wonderful! I also made a good friendship with her family, which is like an add-on benefit!

K Jayshree (20-12-2001)
I have full satisfaction in the ayurved treatment. She has taken so much care for me, I never forget. Personal attention, kind co-operation, good advise…really it was wonderful opportunity to have come here. Once again I thank to Dr.Dharmishtha T. Barad.

K P Rao (15-12-2001)
Thanks to earnest efforts of Dr.Dharmishtha. I do have some relief of neck stiffness, although I need to do the exercises recommended by her for complete relief. Best regards.

Padmaben Doshi (31-07-2001)
When I came here, I was not able to walk and I could no even lift my hand. After the treatment, Now I can walk easily and can move my hand freely.

Kirtida Doshi (23-7-2001)
I am housewife, and I did not had any physical problem, but once I had some extra weight on my left knee and thereafter I had started having the problem while walking. I also started feeling pain. When I went to General Physician, he prescribed me pain killers under the pretext if bone fracture. The orthopedic surgeon further complicated the matter by explaining long - long procedures leading to tension. During the same time, my mother-in-law was taking the frozen shoulder treatment with Dr.Dharmishtha T. Barad and she was satisfied with the treatment. Then I thought of going to her.
She did not gave any pain killer, nor any X-ray reports! After proper diagnosis, she started the Therapeutic Massage with medicated oil steam therapy, and slowly my pain disappeared. I am completely normal today, and fully satisfied with Maharshi Clinic. I have realized now, that if the Ayurved Medicines can cure the problem so effectively, then there is no need to go anywhere else.

Ughade Sachin (30-6-2001)
During my learning period of Yoga, I felt it was funny to learn it. Dr.Barad explained me the steps of Yoga in a very simple and easy way so that I don't feel it is tough. She also explained me about the Historical, Scientific, Practical use and origin of Yogasana. The pranayam is the most beneficial thing what I have learnt from here.

Meenakshi (1-2-2001)
The treatment was infact very beneficial to me. I have lost about 4 Kgs & almost 75cms; Fat % 12. I was very disturbed when I had put on weight . Since I had undergone slip surgery & I could not do any exercise. Then I remembered having read a newspaper advertisement regarding this treatment. I have overall lost weight in all the parts without any side effects, which is really important.
Moreover the Doctor was very supportive, encouraging, and helpful. Lastly once again I thank Maharshi Clinic for all what you have done for me. I will always remember your soft-spoken humbleness.

S. Sumitra (20-09-2000)
I think those who are concerned about their body shape and weight should definitely go for this program. The results especially as for toning is very quick and gives boost for the enthusiastic.
I got 5 Kg reduced and fat by 9% and over all 50cm reduction. I feel one has to take a month's program to get the complete benefit of yogic exercise as well. I am very happy with the results and I suggest one has to give a try definitely.

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