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Shobha Patil (19-9-2000)
I had severe pain in my right leg, and it was extremely difficult for me to even getup from the bed. The pain was so intolerable, that I used to cry due to pain. The allopathic medicines were ineffective for the problem.
One of our well wisher, knew about this Maharshi Clinic, and they recommended me to visit there. Upon medical examination, I was suggested to under go therapeutic massage with medicinal oil based steam therapy. From the very first day I was so much relieved that, I was very much happy to comer over to the clinic from the second day onwards…and within 3-4 days I was completely cured from the problem.
Now I can do all my work on my own. If you ask me, I really got the "New Life" after this 10 day's treatment. I am really thankful to Dr.Dharmishtha T. Barad.

Priya Shahane (3-6-2000)
I got to know of the place through newspaper advertisement. I found the slimming treatment to be very effective. In 30days I lost 41cms and 1 Kg. Reduction in the abdomen region was my main aim and I lost 25.5 cm in that area. According to the height and weight ratio my weight was only 1 Kg above the ideal weight. Therefore I had joined the treatment essentially for inch reduction and my purpose is solved without a diet program. The base of treatment being Ayurveda, there are no side effects.

Hina A Solanki (14-4-2000)
Dear friends,
I had joined this clinic before 13 days. I had become a bit lazy and dull, but within 13 days I found that by biocycle have changed. I have started feeling more energetic and full of life. My sleep have become more sound and deep. Dark Circle under the eyes have reduced. Exercise and diet control helped me a lot. There was more thins O learned was I use to eat the food only for taste, now I eat for my body to be healthy. My heartiest thanks to Dr. Dharmishtha.
My weight has reduced by 3.5 Kgs and 41cms from all around body.

Yuvraj Malhotra (22-3-2000)
I have lost 2 Kgs & 6% Fat & 12" in 1 month. (Without diet control & Ayurved Medicine)

Gayatri Desai (22-3-2000)
I am fully satisfied with this therapy I feel much more energetic. I have lost 3.5 Kg & 10% fat and 63cm from all over body within a month. Thanks a lot Dr.Dharmishtha.

Marina (13-2-2000)
Thanks to Dr.Dr.Dharmishtha. Now I feel very light & energetic. I can cope with double the work. I've lost 2 Kgs & 15cms in 15days.

Minu Bhansali (11-2-2000)
I feel so much lighter & more energetic & I have lost 3 Kgs & 5cm from abdominal & 6cm from hips. Thanks

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